Cross-functional technologist combining a love for ideas,
robust front-end engineering skills, and back-end experience in Java—
all built on a foundation of art and design




A leading New York-based apparel retailer under the creative stewardship of Jenna Lyons, a Time 100 tastemaker, and business acumen of the merchant prince Mickey Drexler. J.Crew offers a wide selection of garments and accessories for women, men, and children through a rich group of direct and brick-and-mortar channels.


Implemented user interfaces for large scale, mission critical business initiatives, in an Agile environment, using jQuery, object oriented JavaScript, HTML5, JSP, JSTL, CSS, and SASS. Projects include the new checkout system, which serves 101 countries and annually processes over $700 million in transactions. Partner to the creative, user experience, and back-end engineering teams—helping to refine and implement ideas. Creation of pixel-perfect user interfaces from Photoshop documents, spec sheets, and wireframes, using the latest web technologies and standards.

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I founded, branded, designed, and built Culturehall, an independent online service that helps connect promising painters, sculptors, and photographers with gallerists, collectors, and curators. Artists directly manage and publish their artworks, biographies and supporting information by using online tools, which help make the process simple and efficient. Unique opportunities for artists have arisen through Culturehall, including leasing artworks to the television show Gossip Girl and creating exhibitions for the French furniture company Ligne Roset.


Custom built content management system utilizing the Java Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow frameworks to provide a service that takes into account the special requirements specific to presenting visual art online. Artist portfolio management tools have been implemented with Adobe Flex.

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Columbia University


Developed web-based e-seminars from the seminal courses of Columbia University's most acclaimed professors. Projects included Professor Kenneth T. Jackson's The History of the City of New York, Professor Andrew Nathan's Tiananmen: June 1989 and Its Significance and a series of health-related websites, including The Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons Guide to Breast Care.


Designed and developed a modular e-learning course building solution utilizing XML/XSLT technologies. Implemented multimedia-rich websites that heavy relied on JavaScript, CSS and video. Aided the systems development team by writing code in Java and Perl.

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National Journal


Washington, DC-based publisher of print and online media, including The Atlantic Monthly, National Journal, and Government Executive magazines. Beyond the weekly print edition, the National Journal Group's online news services provide the Beltway with the gold standard in nonpartisan political reporting regarding all aspects of the Federal Government.


Implemented several projects using the open source Java frameworks Apache Lenya and Cocoon, including the National Journal's The Telecom Act and mobile versions of The Hotline and CongressDaily PM. Converted legacy content from The Atlantic Monthly and National Journal to standardized NewsML using Perl. Developed and maintained additional projects utilizing Java, HTML and CSS.

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JavaScript + jQuery Experiments


This is not a video.

Each of the eight segments is a sequence of images, which are displayed in carefully timed intervals. Each frame is a small, highly compressed JPG that is stretched to fill the viewport. The content and settings (like frame rate, play direction, loops, etc.) for each segment is contained in a JSON object, which is pulled via Ajax when needed. Segments are played in a random order, with each play recorded in a cookie so a segment won’t repeat until all eight have been viewed.

Originally conceived in 2003, utilizing frames and pages to load flipbooks, the code was rebuilt using object oriented JavaScript, jQuery and HTML5.

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Flow Chart

Developed as part of a monthly feature article for my online service Culturehall, which promotes emerging visual artists. Eight times a year Culturehall works with an emerging curator, artist, or gallerist to publish an article or "Feature Issue" that explores an idea through the work of four artists and a text.

For this issue, Culturehall partnered with Cindy Rucker and Brad Silk of the eponymous Lower East Side exhibition space — Cindy Rucker Gallery. Cindy and Brad were interested in exploring how we think about genres and curation, leaving the selection of work up to the audience. After much discussion, I offered to create a flow chart that would visually represent not only the path of options, but also the physical space in which these ideas are occurring.

The flow chart was implemented using object oriented JavaScript and jQuery.

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